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We offer solar solutions which include: grid tied, off grid and hybrid solar PV solutions. We design and install solar PV solutions for clients in the commercial, industrial, agricultural and tourism sectors! Ask us for a FREE high-level feasibility assessment, you could be benefiting from a solar system today! Our product test site is a testament to our passion for solar PV products and breakthrough technologies in the industry, from off grid solar systems right through to hybrid and grid tied solar systems. We have proven projects, using high-quality solar panels which ensure a healthy return on your solar investment. SPS’s on grid solar product solutions include: storage, peak shaving, tariff arbitrage, auxiliary services and grid stability. Our Hybrid solutions will reduce your diesel and electricity costs because it off-sets your operational use of diesel. We offer solar funded solutions and pure EPC (outright solar purchase) making solar a flexible and financially savvy solution to your energy demands.
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SPS offers engineering design and construction solar services to businesses. Solar services and solar products for Africa.

As businesses we need to consider the ever-changing external environment in which we operate, whether it be climate, politics, economics, cultural, technological or other factors which may affect our growth. As climate change becomes a reality, businesses find themselves coming to terms with carbon tax, where previously firms had focused their concerns around fluctuating electricity tariffs or perhaps a lack of stable electricity supply. For any businesses to succeed, they need optimum up-time and uninterrupted production.



At SPS, we consider everything – from the environment right through to your operational costs and bottom line. We focus on engineering and constructing specialised solar PV plants that are custom designed to your unique needs. Our plants are optimized to maximize the benefits of solar PV for our clients. Not only do we build innovative solar solutions, we also offer operational and maintenance services with output guarantees, so you can focus on your core day to day activities while we ensure you receive a healthy return on investment.



With our pure EPC or funded solutions, solar has never been this flexible.


Our turnkey approach ensures our clients maintain control and are kept informed at each stage of the project cycle. Clients can fully account for the value that is added at each stage by our experienced and dedicated team of professionals

Project Feasibility Assessment

During the initial project design and development stages our team will work closely with your company to ensure that each and every requirement is documented and met, resulting in a smooth construction process.

Project Management & Construction

This is when things really start getting exciting, your project is mobilized and soon you will be benefiting from solar PV. No matter the layout of the site, our team of skilled experts know how to successfully deploy projects in remote locations or busy CBD’s!


We provide operational and maintenance (O&M) services which maximize your optimal energy benefits, enabling you to focus on your primary business activities while we look after your solar plant.

Solar services. Solar products for Africa.This is how we guarantee you get the solar power plant / solar power project you envision. Focused on: client needs analysis, Site identification & evaluation, Energy modelling, Engineering design & feasibility, Regulatory approval process. This is how sustainable power solutions perfects the solar PV project deployment process: Project implementation plan, Sourcing & building a multi-disciplinary team, Procurement & logistics, Site preparation & implementation, Commissioning & transfer to client. These are the steps to how a solar project is perfectly deployed: Induction & training, Performing monitoring & reporting, Maintenance support, Inspection services


We have been pioneering and shaping the solar PV industry since 2010, our extensive project track record has contributed to setting a high standard of expectation within the industry. We believe that quality solutions are paramount to ensuring the longevity and financial return clients expect to receive when opting for solar.


Our core technologies which we deploy on projects include; grid-connected, off-grid with battery storage and hybrid gensets. We are one of the only solar EPC and O&M companies to have our own test site facility where we continuously test new concepts and technologies. Solar is quickly taking the lead within the renewable energy sector, and as new breakthrough technologies emerge, it is vital to stay abreast of them.

Solar services. Solar solutions. Solar products.


A grid-tied power plant is connected to the utility grid & off-sets a business’s electricity costs during the day.


An off-grid plant enables businesses to operate completely independently of all traditional public utility services, day & night.


A hybrid power plant combines solar power with another power generating energy source, such as a diesel generator. Hybrid power plants can be grid-tied or off-grid & are supported by diesel generators.