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Sustainable Power Solutions And Mettle Solar Under One Roof

Published: 10 June 2021

We are excited to announce that Mettle Solar and Sustainable Power Solutions (SPS) have joined forces under the single refreshed SPS brand to bring industry leading solar PV and battery solutions, both technical and financial, to businesses across Sub-Saharan Africa. We have also moved into new head offices at the Woodmill Centre just outside Stellenbosch.

Our business exists to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of cleaner and cheaper solar energy by businesses across Sub-Saharan Africa. We believe this can be achieved more effectively with both our businesses operating under a single brand.

Our product offering is focused on solar and storage solutions for the commercial and industrial (C&I) sector where we have played a pioneering role to date. Our track record includes grid connected systems at the V&A Waterfront, Shoprite’s Whitey Basson Distribution Centre and the largest rooftop system in Namibia at the Grove Mall of Namibia. On the off-grid side we have installed and funded the first MWh plus solar and storage systems for the Serena Group in Kenya and are busy with one of the largest island microgrid systems in the world in the Seychelles. We have worked on locations as remote as St Helena island in the middle of the Atlantic, where we successfully commissioned a diesel-saving solar and genset plant.

With Gridworks (part of British International Investment) as our largest shareholder we are able to offer our tailored solar and storage solutions, both on an EPC as well as a fully-funded basis, in a seamless manner to clients across the region. British International Investment has a long and successful track record of investing and building businesses in Africa and is increasingly focused on climate finance and on supporting businesses committed to tackling climate change.

Driving the change to renewable energy forward on a continent as large and diverse as Africa is a momentous task and a project that will take many decades to complete. No single business can hope to achieve this alone. We therefore look forward to partnering with developers of solar projects in the commercial and industrial (C&I) space in order to help facilitate and move projects forward. As SPS we can bring both technical and financial support to projects under development. We have many years of experience in structuring joint ventures that benefits all parties.

It is clear what the future of energy generation in Africa will be and it is a very positive and hopeful one. With the abundance of sunshine that our continent is blessed with, Africa will one day have some of the cleanest and cheapest energy on the planet. There will be many bumps on the road during this transition but the process has started and there is no turning back.

Our new hurricane sun logo symbolizes the transition from old fossil fuel-based energy generation to a clean new solar-powered world. The team at SPS are dedicating all their energies and talents to making this happen sooner rather than later. We look forward to continue to work with all our clients and partners, both present and future, to unlock the power of the African sun.

Best wishes

The SPS Team