At SPS, our vision is to accelerate sub-Saharan and East Africa’s access to cutting edge sustainable energy technologies, thus empowering and energizing economies. Our mission is to provide sustainable solar PV solutions to the tourism, agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors – solutions that last for generations. We do this by specialising in the Engineering Design, Procurement & Construction (EPC), as well as the Operations & Maintenance (O&M) of grid-tied, off-grid and hybrid solar PV plants. We offer our clients the full project service, from cradle to grave – our clients trust in our turn-key solutions and our comprehensive knowledge of solar PV.

Our Solar Team can help your business move to solar because we are the most experienced. A Solar Team that has 70 years of experience is good because we know what we doing. Many companies want to use off grid solar systems, that results in saving them money. SPSAfrica is the best power company that offers energy storage services and battery storage options for your business. We have been rated as the top energy power company in Africa. We are company that knows how to assist your business with energy storage needs. Ask our team of solar engineers for help!


We are pioneers in the African solar market, with a professional team boasting over 72 years of cumulative engineering experience. Our extensive track record of designing and project managing solar PV power plants is unique and unorthodox, successfully installing an array of progressive solar PV technologies throughout South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, and neighbouring African Islands.


To date, our passionate team of solar experts have installed over 30 MWp of online solar PV plants throughout Africa since 2010 and 5 MWh of battery storage solutions. Over the last few years we have established ourselves as innovative leaders in battery storage solutions, with two modern Tesla systems in South Africa and Kenya, making us, one of the few who have the experience to ensure a successful project roll out.


We live by our mission, there is no obstacle that stands in our way. From the remote corners of the deepest and darkest parts of Africa to isolated islands with minimal mobility – right through to bustling CBD’s; we are the problem-solvers and the ground breakers of our industry; our projects are engineered to last… generation for generations.

Our Solar Team

Our team of highly skilled professionals will take you along every step of the process ensuring that your solar PV project is a success.



Group CEO – M.Sc.Eng

The construction phase brings a project to life, what was once a concept becomes a reality and an opportunity to empower companies with more sustainable operations for the future. Seeing clients faces light up during the handover phase is an awesome experience!


Head of Project Acquisitions – M.Sc.Eng

” I love being in the commercial solar PV space right now. It’s competitive, ever-evolving and you get to help businesses reduce their OPEX while also helping to save the environment. I want to build systems that last and SPS shares my passion for quality. “


Non-Executive Director – Pr. Eng, M.Sc.Eng

” Opportunities for success are man-made. The rate of change accelerates, proactive businesses are quickly turning to sustainable solar solutions. Right here, right now, lies your opportunity, grab hold of it! “


Group Financial Manager – CA(SA)

I assist SPS to remain financially strong and incredibly agile, enabling us to continuously take advantage of new opportunities in the solar PV industry.


Head of Procurement & Logistics

My role is to ensure SPS strives for operational excellence, it’s not only about embracing an integration across the supply chain but also to manage it strategically to ensure projects are deployed within time and budget.


Project Manager

We give new meaning to the words, “standards” and “quality”. I’m proud of our team, we work well together, making every project a great success!


Procurement & Logistics Assistant

I love working with a team and company who strives to advance sustainable energy. Even more than that I love being involved with making it happen on time, in the most cost effective, efficient and sustainable way.

Energy storage and battery storage helps businesses because it is reliable. Our team of energy storage and battery storage engineers can help.

Our solar team in Kenya is just as passionate about alternative energy. The Kenya solar team has worked on many energy storage plants. The solar team has a excellent knowledge of battery storage and off grid systems for solar.



General Manager – M.Sc.Eng

I have been working with many tourism brands while in East Africa with SPS (not to mention the other sectors too), having them move to a clean energy that is reliable is  awesome, especially when they see the value it brings and the clients it draws!


Procurement & Logistics Administrator

I am proud to be a contributor in the team, a team that promotes sustainable development in Africa.