Serena Kilaguni Solar Off-grid

Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge Powers An Off-Grid Solar Record

Kenya’s Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge, which is in Tsavo West National Park, has successfully implemented a fully-fledged solar powered PV plant with the help of SPS’s EPC services! Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge’s goal is to enhance environmental sustainability and meet their power requirements without interruptions, which is no small feat for any business!

This project, which the Sustainable Power Solutions team worked tirelessly to design and construct is Kenya’s largest off-grid solar tracker and off-grid lead acid battery system! The SPS design team were brought in to find a sensible and sustainable solution to the Lodges heavy reliance on diesel gensets. After a thorough assessment and feasibility study, the team put forward a solution that would save the lodge a massive 175 000 litres of diesel per annum! The thought of hearing the lions roar as opposed to the hum drumming of diesel gensets was music to the lodges ears, moving over to a sustainable energy solution could finally be a reality for the conservation continuous tourism leader!

The SPS team set off to construct a 310 kWp ground mounted solar PV plant that is supported by 145 kVA and 670 kWh battery storage system. The systems uses SMA Solar Technology AG‘s inverters which include; 12 Sunny Tripower PV inverters for power generation and 24 Sunny Island battery inverters which are used for enable the solar power produced to be temporarily stored in batteries. The plant is made up of two complimentary systems which include a tracked and fixed tilt ground mounted system.

Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge won a Special Award at the Global Best Practice Awards in Milan earlier this year, they were hailed for their “Extraordinary Business Case and CSR”… and the solar PV plant played a crucial role in achieving such a prestigious award!

In the last year, SPS has not been letting time pass us by “quietly” when it comes to off-grid solutions for the Kenyan tourism industry.

In addition to the solar PV power plant for Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge, SPS provided a turn-key EPC solution for Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge. The luxury lodge which situated in Amboseli National Park has successfully been running off a 670 kWp ground mounted solar PV power plant with 320 kVA and 1 260 kWh Tesla battery storage system. The annual diesel savings have been enormous, totalling 240 000 litres. The power plant itself boasts an 80% renewable energy penetration. Although the annual diesel savings are an impressive operational savings for the lodge, Serena Hotels has dramatically reduced their annual carbon footprint by 6 20 tonnes! They are actively implementing practices to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet and assist Kenya to meet their 2030 Vision.

Eco-Tourism isn’t just a trend, evolving technologies are making it increasing achievable to meet triple bottom lines for businesses.

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